KetoScorch Review - With Patented goBHB™ [May 2021 Update]

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KetoScorch contains “ketone bodies”, which includes acetoacetate, acetone and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which provide better mental focus as well as higher physical performance.

KetoScorch uses the patented version of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which provides faster energy, more fullness & satisfaction to anyone looking for the edge in dieting.


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See The People That Have Used Patented goBHB™ To Lose Weight

Many people struggle with weight loss. Here are a few examples of people that changed their lives by including KetoScorch



No, ketoscorch didn’t give me my new body, because I worked my freaking butt off!!!! But, I’ve been working out and eating so clean forever but started becoming at a standstill for 2.5-3 months without ANY progress whatsoever. My uncle is a nutrition guy and basically lives in the gym. He actually told me about using a ketone diet pill to switch things up and I can’t believe that it actually helped as much as it did. I wish it had caffeine in it, but I definitely took this product in the evening a lot too, so maybe it would be better if they had a couple of versions. Otherwise, definitely 4.5 / 5 stars.

Crystal – April, 27



After having my 3rd child, I realized that I had gained a lot of “sympathy weight” along with my wife…. About 20 pounds of sympathy weight. I’m 5’10 on a medium frame, so 20 pounds makes a pretty big difference. I started taking Ketoscorch after about 2 months of just not drinking sodas. Not drinking soda helped, but Ketoscorch actually helped me see my muscle definition again. I exercise about 3-4 days per week for about 45 minutes to an hour. I’m surprised how much energy it gave me, just using my fat for fuel and no other stimulants.

Landon – July, 8

Individual results vary pertaining to testimonials and customer success. All success stories are accomplished with including a healthy diet & regular exercise.

goBHB™ Has Been Clinically Tested To Curb Hunger & Keep You Satisfied Longer

Studies have shown time and time again that ketones have the edge compared to carbohydrates when it comes to curbing appetite and reducing overall hunger. 


When scientists studied the difference between ketones and carbohydrates, they also found that ketones will actually help you feel full for a longer period of time compared to carbohydrates. This is truly a breakthrough with dieting technology!

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KetoScorch's Secret Weapon...

KetoScorch does not contain a stimulant like traditional diet pills. It works by converting your fat as fuel, which in turn, gives you higher, natural energy levels, which most people find to be better & superior since you don’t get the jitters or other harsh side effects.

goBHB™ is traditionally for those who are trying to lose weight with the keto-diet. But that’s rarely the case with the majority of users, simply from all of the positive effects it has to offer.

It’s perfect for people wanting to burn fat as fuel, have better mental focus throughout the day, or trying to increase physical performance. There’s a reason that millions of people rely on this ingredient and incorporate it on a daily basis!

  • Carb-free & sugar-free energy
  • Supports cognitive health (Amiel, 91)
  • Helps with low-carb lifestyle
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made in the USA // FDA registered & GMP approved facility

How Does KetoScorch Compare To Similar Products?


There are 1,000’s of products out there that claim to be “keto-friendly”. Many of them contain proprietary blends with disproportionate amounts of BHB, and are filled with rice flour. 99% don’t use goBHB™, since it’s about 5x more expensive that regular bhb ingredients.


With KetoScorch, you get a full-month’s supply, patented goBHB™ with the accurate proportions, and you also get KetoScorch PM on select orders for 24 hour weight loss protection! All this PLUS a money-back guarantee.

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Long Term Results


Yes, A 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We pride ourselves on providing information and giving users the best experience. So, if you’re not happy with one of the products you’ve purchased from us, please send it back for a full refund, less s/h. Read more about the guarantee in the FAQ section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does KetoScorch Work For Everyone?

The short answer is “no”. We have a return rate of approximately 1%. So, out of every 100 orders, about 1 person sends it back for a full return. Fortunately, all orders come with a 100% money-back guarantee. So, in the unlikely even that KetoScorch doesn’t work for you, send it back for a full refund, less s/h.

Q: How Long Does Each Bottle Of KetoScorch Last?

Each bottle of KetoScorch contains 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day. So, each bottle will last a minimum of 30 days each!

Q: Is There An Autoship program?

NO! We don’t offer any type of autoship program and will never store or make unauthorized charges on your credit card. Please never fall prey to an autoship program.

Q: Is KetoScorch Safe?

Yes! Every bottle of KetoScorch is manufactured in an FDA registered facility that adheres to GMP regulations, which also happens to be manufactured in the USA. KetoScorch contains all-natural, safe ingredients and extracts.

Q: What's The Best Way To See Results?

Of course, you can take KetoScorch by itself. However, the biggest changes with our users has been coupled with a lifestyle change, which includes healthier food & exercise up to 3x per week.

Q: How Does The Guarantee Work?

Each order is 100% guaranteed. You may use up to 1, single bottle within a 60 day period. All bottles from the order are required to be sent back (including the opened bottles) and it must be within the 60-day grace period. Each order will then receive 100% of the purchase price, less any shipping costs.